Why procurement matters & What cities can do about it

2021-08-07T15:29:51-07:00May 18, 2017|

It’s Infrastructure Week, and everyone is saying that it’s #timetobuild. We agree! The next 5-10 years offer a once-in-a-generation opportunity for hundreds of US cities to upgrade to the smarter, cleaner and greener systems their citizens want and expect.

Paying for Damages—Sometimes Before They Happen

2021-08-07T15:33:12-07:00May 2, 2017|

The first three months of the year are usually easy on insurance companies—and the rest of us—simply because it’s not hurricane season, when claims for property and vehicle damage are typically much higher. Not this year, though. US insurers are reporting that extreme and more frequent weather events have made 2017 the most expensive first [...]

An Open Letter to Infrastructure Funders and Investors

2021-08-07T15:32:55-07:00Apr 12, 2017|

The US is in desperate need of new infrastructure investment. Cities across the country are dealing with aging and failing systems, and there is a huge opportunity to leapfrog to new technologies — with more distributed, resilient, and green infrastructure projects. Making this leap successfully depends on thousands of small and medium-sized communities like Flint, MI and [...]

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