What Works: Summit

2017-03-02T03:00:04-08:00Dec 3, 2014|

re:focus partners CEO sits alongside Mayors and thought leaders to explore inspired ideas springing from cities and define what works.

Prevention Is Key to Building Resilient Cities

2021-08-07T16:02:49-07:00Oct 22, 2014|

There are some investments that follow the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We buy insurance before driving a car, get a flu shot during the cold months, and floss and brush our teeth in order to stave off painful trips to the dentist. These are personal investments [...]

Funneling Funding in to Resilience

2021-08-07T16:03:18-07:00May 30, 2014|

On Friday, May 16th, I was in Washington, D.C., during a torrential downpour. Flash flood warnings stretched from Virginia, across Washington and out to Maryland. Undoubtedly, thousands of basements were flooded and roads were closed when water rushed out of streams and into places where water isn’t supposed to go.


2021-08-07T16:03:27-07:00May 30, 2014|

Two Infrustructure Challenges Shalini Vajjhala, founder and CEO of re:Focus Partners, joins a panel discuss on infrastructure. She proposes a shift from issues to problem solving and suggests organizers eliminate industry jargon.

Data Is Information, Not an Answer

2021-08-07T16:03:51-07:00Apr 29, 2014|

We are now living in the era of big data. The White House’s recent announcement on sharing data to help communities prepare for climate change is a fantastic example of the power of big data to address global challenges.

Infrastructure Advisor

2021-08-07T16:04:12-07:00Jun 3, 2013|

The Re.invest Initiative is a public-private partnership that will help eight cities across the US rebuild stronger and more resilient storm water systems

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